Should I list my land through the MLS or sell to you?

Naturally, selling your land is a big decision and it’s up to you how you want to go about doing it. However, one thing to take under consideration is the fact that when you list your property through the MLS, it may sit for weeks, months, or even years before an interested buyer comes along. When you sell to me, I AM the interested buyer and can make a cash offer right now.

What if I want to sell my land on my own?

Again, that is completely up to you. The average person doesn’t have a background in marketing their land, nor do they have a good grasp on the value of their property. These are all things you would need to determine before you choose to sell on your own.

Selling land is also a completely different experience from selling a home. You’re dealing with an entirely different market and a different set of buyers. As long as you are prepared to educate yourself appropriately, and potentially be in it for the long haul, you could definitely sell your land yourself.

How much will I get for my land?

There are numerous factors which go into determining land value, and the cost will be completely different for every sale. The way we determine our offer is by researching the land, analyzing the location, checking for any liens or back taxes which may be owed, looking at comparable sales in the area, and determining the potential value of your vacant parcel.

We feel confident that our cash offer is a fair one.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

There are no real estate commission fees associated with selling your vacant land to us. In order to make the sale go quickly and easily, we also pay any and all title or transfer fees associated with the sale. The offer we make represents the money you will receive upon closing, down to the cent.

I owe taxes on my land. Can I still sell it?

Yes! When we research your property, we will determine how much is owed in back taxes, make plans to pay them off for you, and take that into account when determining your sale price. Regardless of what you owe on the property, you will not need to bring any money to the table in order to close on this land sale.

I don’t think I have the deed to my property; can I still work with you?

You might be surprised to hear how often this happens. If the deed to your vacant land is not currently in your possession, for whatever reason, we can work to get you a new deed so that we can complete the sale. We will contact the county to obtain all of the required documentation.

What do you plan to do with my property once you buy it?

There are several factors which go into this decision. Zoning laws will determine whether a land parcel can be used as residential or commercial land, and of course we also have to take into account the availability of public utilities in the area. Some land parcels are quite remote which can also be a determining factor in how your land is ultimately going to be used.

Each case is unique. You can speak with our representatives if you have specific questions about land use.

I inherited this property, and don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Yes! Vacant land often falls into people’s laps as the result of an inheritance. Large land parcels sometimes create tremendous tax burdens, and it makes complete sense that some people are in a hurry to sell their land and avoid this burden.

We will walk you through the entire sales process from start to finish. Whether this land has been in your possession for decades or you inherited it a week ago, we will help you get a fair price.

How long does the sales process take?

We pride ourselves on being able to work significantly faster than the regular land market. From start to finish, the selling process can happen in as little as two to four weeks. Some unforeseen issues may add a bit of time, but we are a well-organized network of buyers who are extremely familiar with the sales process and can get through it quickly.

I suspect this land does not have a clear title. What should I do?

During our research process, we run an individual title examination on every property. If we find any issues during this process, we will immediately begin looking into a solution. Because we have years of experience working through complex title issues, we have immediate access to resources which can help us address these circumstances quickly and correctly.

Each situation is different, but we have a number of creative options we can use to clear your land title before the sale.