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Sell your Land without an Agent!

Selling land can be a tedious process!

But with “We buy Vacant land Lucas Properties LLC!” it is easy!

You can now sell your land without paying a commission or any transaction fee!

When you sell your land through “Lucas Properties LLC” you get the best deals and enjoy 100% of your revenues!

We are not real estate agents or buyers for your land! We simply offer you a platform to sell your land enabling you to connect with several buyers directly.

The most difficult part of any land deal is searching for a genuine buyer!

We buy land finds the right buyers for you!

When you provide us the details of your plot, we search for buyers. We select only serious buyers and help you connect with them

Our intervention is limited to connecting the land seller with the buyer. But you are totally in control of the deal. It will be the landowner who will price the plot of land, organize viewings, negotiate the price, and close the deal. And, enjoy the profits!

We essentially take away the burden of finding the right buyer for your property. The buyers we suggest for your land are carefully vetted to ensure that they are genuine buyers only.

When you sell your land with We buy land, you connect with several buyers instantly minimizing the market days of your property and enhancing its worth.

And, the best part is that you don’t pay any fee or commission for the services we provide!

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